Cosmic Idyll

"Great Scott!  Nebulaar!  When last we met, I had banished you to the depths of an inescapable back hole!"

"Never the less, Captain Meteor, I DID escape, and now you and your miserable planet shall suffer for it.  Dodge THIS blow, if you can!"

"Zounds, that was a close one!  Nebulaar is stronger than ever!"

"Dodge all you want, Captain.  Sooner or later I will land a mighty blow with my Pulsar Hammer!  It's power is unstoppable!"

"Nebulaar is truly unstoppable!  How will I ever escape this fullisade of fury?"

"A pathetic attempt; your Nova Ray is useless against a being forged in the heart of the Black Nebula!"

"My Nova Ray had no effect!  Somehow, Nebulaar's semi-gaseous form absorbed its power.  His imprisonment in the black hole seems to have increased his powers geometrically."

"You are correct, Captain.  During my imprisonment in the black hole, I learned the secret to controlling the density of my ENTIRE body, leaving no part vulnerable!  WHHAAT?!?  Curse you, Captain Meteor, what new trick is this?"

"You may be invulnerable to my Nova Ray, Nebulaar, but you can still be imprisoned within my Solar Shield!"

"Mere walls of plasma can not long hold one who is the scion of the Emperor of the Gaseous Domain!"

"He's right- the Solar Shield can not hold him forever!  Sooner or later he will be able to permeate it's blazing circumference."

"Surrender now, mortal, and I may yet spare this speck of dust you call your planet.  It will make an excellent addition to the Emperor's slave menagerie, HA HA HA!"

"The Earthlings will never surrender to your insubstantial tyrant!  They'd sooner die than live in servitude!"

"We will find out, Captain; I have penetrated your barrier!  Tell me, can Earth-People breathe hydrogen?"

"By the Moons of Jupiter!  Nebulaar has transformed his body INTO A NEBULA!  The gas is choking me!  I-I'm loosing consciouses.  C-can't breath."

"You see, we Nebulaans can instantly revert to our natural form, which is why our race is destined to rule over the pitiful solid beings who populate this solar system.  For who can fight that which cannot be touched?  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"One, ch-chance... blacking... out... solar... flare."

"AIEEEeeee!  What have you done?!?  What is this new power you've set upon me?!?"

"You see, Nebulaar, your entire existence has been spent in the deepest reaches of space.  How could you realize that hydrogen ignites when combined with oxygen, a gas you have never encountered?  How could you stand against the power of FIRE?"

"Ahhhhg!  I will return for you and your people someday, Captain Meteor!  This I swear by the seven Noble Gases!  This I swear...."

"No, I don't think you'll be troubling us for a long time.  HA HA HA..."