November 9th, Anno Domini 18--

Sleep troubled. Dreams of childhood, school. Woke in shameful condition: calisthenics, purgatives ineffectual. Passed single bowel movement, ~7 a.m.. Sturdy, dark, possibly insanguinated. 7 o.z., failed to effect desired result.

Perused Austrian on (final?) excursion to town. Overheard him in social intercourse w/local taxidermist. Not speaking Malayan! Possibly German, Volapuk or other international language more likely. Exited shop bearing middle-sized tarred-paper package. Foot? Romantic notion; rushed back to ship-board to confirm foot still among possessions.

Sampled smallest quantity preservative brandy- level has not dropped 1 inch. Character growing daily, feel invigorated by spirit, close to Austrian. Inspired to record journal.

Now 5 p.m.. Pyrappian condition eased considerably. Possible minor topic suggests itself- role of indirect anthropophagy in suppression of Onanism and lustful vice among youth. Papist practice of communion?

Zounds! Never inquired E. regarding possible self-abuse as juvenile hazard to A. Too late to dispatch letter- we sail at next tide.