November 16th, Anno Domini 18--

Rounded Horn of Africa yesterday, stopping in Capetown to provision. During brief exploration of town, viewed pugilistic match. Degenerate Englishman fought Boer; scene laughable, lamentable. Sad to see how racially decayed fellow Eng. becomes in tropical clime. Humorous that even recidivistic specimen superior to Boer at peak development, pride of race. Match conclusive- Boer fistically decapitated in 30 rounds.

Visited taxidermist; hoped to obtain full-sized lions, in support of thesis. Encountered Austrian Gntlmn.! Introduced self as fellow passenger. Name is Prof. Adolph Von Dunkel. Discussed nature of visit to island. English imperfect: incessantly refers to Malaysia as peninsula. Studying native culture, etymology of flying foxes. Being man of science, was understandably skeptical when he described f.f.. Not until mounted specimen produced (from tarred-paper package!), in virile combat with natural enemy, giant centipede, that I believed.

During discussion, intimated I might have valuable object of interest. Invited to cabin tonight, dinner and discussion of extraordinary experience on mainland.

Yesterday's feccations- 3, from 3 sittings, all uniform length and weight- 3 o.z., 1 straight, two clockwise (as I travel south of equator, curl changes direction). No inclusions obvious, smooth surface reflecting high state of anticipation. 1 today, loose (q.v. menu), inconclusive.

Note to self: MUST remember to re-copy journals before landfall. No-one must know I employ short-hand. Scandal tremendous! Think of Elizabeth!