From the Unexpanded Journal of James N--

November 7th Anno Domini 18--

Set sail in two days, H.M.S. Rapine. Now entirely convinced I have found fellow to whom the severed foot associates. Is Austrian (!!!), professor of chiroptary and Maylasiantology, if shipboard sources are correct. Have not spoken yet (does not dine in the Captain's mess, queer), but watch him closely, going about his business. Pronounced limp, hirsute, large wen off centre of brow (duck's egg sized).

Captain genial fellow; reticent to speak about Maylasia. Claims never to have been; maybe means gone ashore. Breakfasted native on boiled chicken foetus (3), barbarous tea, and 5 bricks hard-tack. Dinner consumed 2 guinea hens aspic, 7 bricks hard-tack, 3 servings "sea's liver pie" (???), 2 puddings (B*iled B*by) and cup cream, to suppress colon.

Produced 3 bowel movements (2 sittings)- 1st 9:30 a.m., straight, firm and pungent, no recog. leavings, ~3 o.z.. 2nd 7 p.m., in two parts, both curled counter-clockwise, fibrous, reddish and with leavings of bay leaf, lentil and red pimento, 4 o.z. and 2.5 o.z. respectively. Bowels reflect pensive humor at close of day.