I've never dug through a dumpster looking for anything more important than my boss' lost cell phone.  

The guy I work with now told me that in Airforce B

"So you want a crazy story about a dumpster?  You know, in Basic, people go crazy not seeing girls for a month.  But now all the bases are co-ed, and people got in trouble for getting together.  So some people were caught doing it in a dumpster.  I could tell you other crazy stories, but they aren't dumpster related."

Restaurants throw out good food- raw materials, like limp carrots, and finished products, like Big Macs.  The bereft take advantage of food dumpsters- the homeless or disposal-phobic freegans.  I had heard of teenage runaways ordering anchovy and pineapple pizzas to ficticious addresses, to ensure that they were thrown away for later scavenging by the thwarted delivery guy.
    Dumpsters are hugely tempting.  They are our fantasy toilets, which can flush anything- babies, dead bodies, our teenage knife collection.  The opposite is true, too.  An unattended dumpster is like a treasure chest packed with rats.  Or like a toilet to our own two-year old minds.