Moses was stupid to leave town for the summer. He was going to be a park ranger out West, in Colorado. When he got on the bus, Little Diogenes lost her temper.

"You could have had sex with me this summer, but instead you're going to go be a park ranger."

He didn't have anything to say about that. He just stared out the bus window like a chicken. Little Diogenes was a good girl, but not Church good, she decided.

(She wouldn't go to her mother's church, or her father's either, although sometimes she told one of them she was at the other one. Mom went to Universal Pentecost out in Mashpee- "Jesus is Jesus, but I'm not going to sit through a sermon in Greek.". Dad went to St. Christopher's Orthodox in Wareham, and called Mom "sweet pagan" to her face.)

The one time that Derrick had caught her touching herself (this was last year, after a good date with Moses but before she decided to do it) she just threw a pillow at him.

"You're a freak." he said, with flat astonishment.

"Oh yeah right. Like I need one of your greasy friends poking their zitty thing into me?"

"Grosser than gross."

"And anyways, if you'd learned how, you wouldn't have gotten Maria pregnant."